List of abbreviations

Unit of measurementAbbreviation
acre-foot/day ac ft/d
acre-foot/hour ac ft/h
acre-foot/year ac ft/y
barrel (oil)/day bo/d
barrel (oil)/hour bo/h
barrel (oil)/minute bo/min
barrel (oil)/second bo/s
cubic centimeter/day cm³/d
cubic centimeter/hour cm³/h
cubic centimeter/minute cm³/min
cubic centimeter/second cm³/s
cubic foot/hour ft³/h
cubic foot/minute ft³/min
cubic foot/second ft³/s
cubic inch/hour in³/h
cubic inch/minute in³/min
cubic inch/second in³/s
cubic meter/day m³/d
cubic meter/hour m³/h
cubic meter/minute m³/min
cubic meter/second m³/s
cubic yard/hour yd³/h
cubic yard/minute yd³/min
cubic yard/second yd³/s
gallon (UK)/day gal/d
gallon (UK)/hour gal/h
gallon (UK)/minute gal/min
gallon (UK)/second gal/s
gallon/day gal/d
gallon/hour gal/h
gallon/minute gal/min
gallon/second gal/s
hundred-cubic foot/day 100ft³/d
hundred-cubic foot/hour 100ft³/h
hundred-cubic foot/minute 100ft³/min
liter/day l/d
liter/hour l/h
liter/minute l/min
liter/second l/s
milliliter/day ml/d
milliliter/hour ml/h
milliliter/minute ml/min
milliliter/second ml/sec
ounce (UK)/hour oz/h
ounce (UK)/minute oz/min
ounce (UK)/second oz/s
ounce/hour oz/h
ounce/minute oz/min
ounce/second oz/s