List of abbreviations

Unit of measurementAbbreviation
newton-second/square meter N s/m²
millinewton-second/square meter mN s/m²
dyne-second/square centimeter dyn s/cm²
exapoise EP
petapoise PP
terapoise TP
gigapoise GP
megapoise MP
kilopoise kP
hectopoise hP
dekapoise daP
poise P
decipoise dP
centipoise cP
millipoise mP
micropoise µP
nanopoise nP
picopoise pP
femtopoise fP
attopoise aP
pound force-second/square inch lbf s/in²
pound force-second/square foot lbf s/ft²
poundal-second/square foot pdl s/ft²
gram/centimeter-second g/cm s
pound/foot-second lb/ft s
pound/foot-hour lb/ft h